6 Key features in Telecom Expense Management?

Telecom expense management (TEM) is the oversight and management of voice, data, and mobile spending. It allows companies of all sizes to control costs and optimize their communications budget.

Why is TEM such a sought-after solution? The reality is that many companies waste resources and overspend on their telecom expenses. TEM is a proven and efficient way to identify these overspending patterns, reduce waste, and create short-and long-term savings. 

The number one benefit of TEM is that it helps companies control costs and avoid unplanned budget expenses. Let’s take a look at some of the major features you will find in a TEM solution.

Main features in telecoms expense management software.

1. Invoice Processing

Automation of the processing and payment of paper or electronic invoices, including loading, allocation of charges, approval for payment, the audit function with accounts payable, and bill payment business operations, as well as support for external financial systems integration.

2. Dispute resolution

Better management of the process of filing disputes with carriers, to help ensure the recovery of credits and the management of short-pay decisions, helping you optimize expenditures and improve cash flow

3. Invoice Optimization and Auditing

Contract rates are analysed and compared with detailed usage records to identify and manage cost variances and issues associated with voice, data and mobile usage permissions, while automatically notifying you of opportunities for dispute and recovery.

4. Reporting and Business Intelligence

Explore and analyse your telecom expense management data using a best in class data discovery and visualization solution designed to help you turn discoveries into action, enabling stronger evidence-based decision making leveraging your invoice data, inventory and process management data.

5. Inventory

Centralize your asset database; asset management process from requisition through distribution, warranty management, replacement and retirement; purchase tracking from requisition through receipt and distribution; as well as cost centre assignment.

6. Ordering and Provisioning

Simplify the commissioning and deployment of telecommunication carrier network services and mobile assets, based on negotiated and variable rates and support for user profiles, drawing on service catalogues, structured workflows and authorizations.

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