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Our Services

We offer a blend of IT services focusing on corporate IT Data Security Solutions and Service Management, coupled with Onsite Support and 24/7 Remote Monitoring.
We take the pain out of IT by making technology work for YOU.

Our Solutions

IT data security solutions and service management solutions are core focus areas for abacon IT. Additionally, Secure online Collaboration tools and 24/7 Remote Monitoring ensure optimum performance of your IT infrastructure

IT Support

We are passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses with between 100 and 1000 PC’s, via 24/7 remote monitoring and onsite support.


Managing a business requires a broad range of skills. While you and your staff manage your business, let abacon IT manage you IT infrastructure. Need an IT contractor for a project – we can supply one for you

Why Choose Us

We have over 20 years experience in IT service management and have partnered with data security specialists to bring our customers a world class service at affordable prices

About Us

abacon IT is a dynamic and innovative IT consultancy. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo by making technology work for you.

The way we challenge the status quo is by understanding the unique IT demands of our customers and adapting our products and services to match the ever-changing business needs.

If you demand total control over your IT resources, then we need to speak to you. Our solutions will help you regain control of your IT infrastructure.

Gartner Recognised Solutions
We supply and support “GARTNER” recognised solutions and manage all aspects of your Information Technology, from the procurement to installation and training of your staff. 

Our Products

Our product offering includes mission-critical business systems that help you manage your IT data security, while our service management solutions enable an organisation to maximise business value from the use of information technology.
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Backup & Recovery

O365 Protection

Disaster Recovery

Data Migration

Business Solutions

User Applications

Office 365

IT Remote Support

Endpoint Backups

Cyber Security

Why select us?

Our motto of “making technology work for you” is underpinned by our “Gartner” recognised solutions that support your IT data security solutions and staff productivity while reducing IT complexity

Business Growth

We supply world-class solutions, recognised by Gartner, at prices that you can afford. Our business partnerships give us access to some of the best business solutions available on the market

Realistic Pricing

Value for money is paramount. Our business practice is to over deliver on all our projects while staying within the project time frame

Ultimate Perfection

abacon IT consultants work closely with our business partners ensuring that all projects are completed on time and in budget

Smart Experience

With over 20 years of IT experience, abacon IT is well-positioned to advise customers on the right solution for their business needs, no matter the size of the organisation

Strict Deadline

We adhere to project deadlines and budget constraints of our customers while ensuring that all deliverables are met

Reputed Company

Our customers trust and rely on our expertise. With attention to detail, fair pricing and total transparency, we ensure customer satisfaction at all stages during the project lifecycle.

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“Ryan is so knowledgeable and efficient. I can highly recommend him.”

Victoria Sheppard Silberbauer
“This is a great company. Ryan knows his stuff and has integrity in his dealings.”
“I will recommend abacon IT to anyone with IT needs.”
Francois Duvenhage
“Very professional, insightful and helpful. No problem too big or too small, Will definitely never use anyone else other than abacon IT.”
Kashiefa Samsodien
“Great service and very knowledgeable.”

Jacques Snijiman
“I would recommend abacon IT to anyone. Not only is it value for money but Ryan goes over and above to try and solve any issues for you.

When I first called I was blown away by the fact that he was willing to first assist me over the phone free of charge.
I am impressed and will definitely use them with all of my IT needs in the future. Great work!”
Kirsten Silverbauer
“Ryan is highly recommendable and a gem to have on speed dial for your frustrating computer moments. Thank you Ryan, I couldn’t do my studies without you!”
Lorraine Hartopp

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