Why should I be using Software Robotics?

Software robotics is here to stay and they are expected to radically change the way we work. The benefits potential include dramatic cost reductions, higher service levels and improved data quality. The question business needs to ask is, when and how you want to reap the benefits. 

What is software robotics

Software robotics is basically the training of robotics software to carry out labour-intensive, rule-based and repetitive tasks. Tasks that are often too extensive to be carried out manually but at the same time too complex to effectively integrate with existing IT systems. The idea is to use software that imitates the way humans normally perform the tasks and utilising the existing user interface layer.

Software robotics benefits

Robotics software runs on top of the existing IT systems and does not require any coding or IT integration. Furthermore, the benefits provided by software robotics for the human workforce are huge. 

Here are some of the main reasons a business will start investing in software robotics.  

  • A virtual workforce controlled by operations and support teams?
  • Emulates human activity via user interfaces using existing IT landscape
  • Sits on top of existing infrastructure, governed and controlled by IT
  • Represents a powerful combination with current staff
  • Is optimal for repetitive, deterministic and high-volume tasks
  • Eliminates manual errors

Robotics advantages

The advantages for business and staff alike are worth the time and financial investment required to set up the robotic workforce. Benefits include the following:

  • Cost savings
    Significant potential with ROI typically between 6 – 12 months from starting the initiative
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    Faster responses to customer queries by real-time processing
  • Elimination of errors
    Machine processing eliminates human error
  • Flexible workforce
    Provides a flexible workforce on call 24 / 7 / 365
  • Prolong legacy system life
    Using robotics to fill gaps in legacy systems
  • Accelerates benefits realisation for staff
    Upskilling internal staff with robotics capabilities
  • Extreme reliability 

Ready to embrace robotics?

Software robotics is here to stay and they are expected to radically change the way we work. Are you ready to embrace this new and exciting technology? Want to find out more about software robotics? Contact ABACON IT to discuss your needs.