What is the difference between Robotics and Automation?

Industrial automation, Robotic Process Automation; what do the terms mean? Are robotics and automation the same thing? Business owners are asking “Should I invest in automation?” and “Should I invest in robotics?” 

This article breaks down the differences between the various terms.

Automation and robotics – Do I need it?

if you are a business owner, chances are that you asked yourself the question “Is automation or robotics right for my business?” It really depends on your current business needs.

Consider these questions:

  • Are any tasks in your business currently done by human workers that are repetitive and boring?
  • Are any tasks in your business creating a bottleneck to productivity?
  • Are they physical tasks or virtual tasks?

If you can think of even one or two tasks which are repetitive or cause a bottleneck, they may be a good candidate for automation. If they are physical tasks, industrial automation or robotics could be the answer. If they are virtual tasks, a form of software automation might work.

What are automation and robotics?

The basic difference between automation and robotics can be seen in their definitions:


Automation means using computer software, machines or other technology to carry out a task which would otherwise be done by a human worker. There are many types of automation, ranging from the fully mechanical to the fully virtual, and from the very simple to the mind-blowingly complex.


Robotics is a branch of engineering which incorporates multiple disciplines to design, build, program and use robotic machines.

Do I Want Robotics or Automation?

When deciding whether to invest in automation for your business, consider the following:

  • Decide if you want to automate part of your business.
    • If the tasks or processes you want to automate are virtual, look into software automation.
    • If the tasks or processes you want to automate are physical, look into industrial automation.
  • Determine if your physical tasks or processes could be performed by a robot.
    • If so, look into robotics as a solution.
    • If not, look into other industrial automation options

In closing

Robotics and automation are here to stay. Are you ready to climb aboard and make use of this exciting technology?

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