Why is a Service Desk important to Business?

This is the second article in the series highlighting the reasons why a business should consider investing in a Help Desk solution. In this article, I focus on the Service Desk, the bigger brother to the Help Desk. 

Service Desk – Purpose

The purpose of a Service Desk is to provide a Single Point of Contact between the organisation’s customers, staff and business partners. It is designed to optimise the business services and oversee IT functions. Where a Help Desk is designed to make the life of the IT staff easier, the Service Desk is designed to improve the workflow of the entire organisation. 

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What is the Service Desk?

Unlike the Help Desk, a Service Desk is a business tool designed for use across the organisation by all business units, and as such is not for the exclusive use of the IT department.  A Service Desk is tasked to do more than ensuring IT services are delivered, it also improves customer satisfaction by enabling the organisation to implement their business plan. 

Why is a Service Desk relevant to business?

The Service Desk plays a crucial role in helping organisations support business users. In so doing, it ensures that enterprise technology works according to documented processes. Of importance to business is the technical and operational flexibility a modern service desk introduces. 

Business Advantages of a Service Desk

The Service Desk is broader in focus, more strategic and cross-organisational than the traditional IT Help Desk. The primary focus is on the business needs of the organisation rather than purely solving the user’s needs. Typically, it is responsible for the management of Incidents and Service Requests in addition to managing requests from the users. 


In the fast-paced corporate world, the necessity of a modern Service Desk is a business necessity. Without it, you run the risk being unable to identify problems timeously with dire results for your origination.

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