Common Networking Issues for Small Businesses

Setting up an office network must be planned to avoid common networking issues for small businesses or the installation will go from easy to very complex a lot faster than you will ever realise. Wireless networks simplify networking issues for small businesses because they have built-in Wi-Fi radios. Unlike laptops. desktop computers need to be connected via an ethernet cable.

Networking Issues

To help you navigate the challenges of networking issues for small businesses, I have listed some of the common problems that may occur when small business owners install their own computer network without support.

Internet Speeds. 
Add more computers to your network and you dynamically you will find that your internet data usage increases exponentially, resulting in the internet speed slowing down to a crawl. Discuss your network requirements with your ISP; he will advise you on the correct data and speed package.

Wi-Fi Issues. 
Wi-Fi makes creating a network much easier because you do not have the issues of installing cables. However, cable networks are more stable, and applications such as VOIP and video calls are better suited to cable connections.

Security Issues. 
Security is always an issue when using computers. With a network, take the threat of being hacked more seriously.  How protected are each of your computers from each other? How protected is your network? Always use Wi-Fi security and regularly change your password.

Device Issues. 
You may have computers that will not communicate with one another.  This may be because they are using different applications and different operating systems.

Support Issues. 
Computer support for small business is available. ABACON IT is a company that specialises in small business and home computing and network support. For a set fee, you will get a certain amount of computer repairs and assistance each month. Paying this upfront can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A smooth-running network is important for any business, and just because you are a small business does not mean there is not a support company to match your needs. Speak to one of the ABACON IT representative for help addressing all of your networking requirements.