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Why use a Help Desk?

By Ryan Danvers

A Help Desk adds value and increases productivity and helps the IT department improve productivity. So, why do you use a business tool like this in your organisation, and who will manage it for you? Very often the IT department is tasked to manage the Ticketing System

Choosing the Best Cloud Storage Service for Your Firm

By Ryan Danvers

With online collaboration and remote work becoming the new normal most firms find themselves in, the use of a cloud storage platform has quickly become a necessity to maintain day-to-day operations. However, storing any kind of privileged information and proprietary data online is a daunting decision for any serious law firm. With that in mind,…

How To Work From Home And Stay Secure

By Lucy Danvers

With millions of people across the world now working remotely, businesses and employees are finding themselves adapting to the new norm of a distributed workforce. This impacts the way people work and behave online, and these behaviours can put company data at risk. Work from home and stay secure The coronavirus has changed the way…

3 Differences between Hard Drive Imaging and Cloning

By Ryan Danvers

Solid-state drives (SSD) are becoming all the rage thanks to the significant speed upgrade they deliver over standard hard-disk drives (HDD).  When you need to move your entire operating system and your apps and your files to a new drive? That’s where cloning and imaging come in. Let’s take a look at what exactly each…