How To Stay Productive Working From Home


How to stay productive working from home has its own set of challenges. Remote work is hardly a new concept. Telecommuting has been a thing for decades, even if it’s only now that a lot of employers are beginning to embrace it more fully.

Even if your business wasn’t among the most remote-work-friendly until now, however, they may have little choice in the matter. A lot of countries are under partial or full quarantines, so if you can do your work from home, you might have to.

COVID-19 and working from home

Traditionally, businesses frame remote work as a perk they offer for employees. However, it can benefit companies as well in several ways. For example:

How to stay productive working from home

Usually, the first thing we’d tell you if you’re going to be working remotely is to make time to go outside.  Due to the current lockdown, however, we have to make do as best we can within our homes. Here are 3 tips that will help you remain productive while working from home.

Put Clear Boundaries Between Work and Time Off

Welcome to the world of telecommuting, where the boundaries between work and time off become blurry and it becomes difficult to switch between time off and office modes. The first thing you’ll need to do, for your own sake, is to underline those boundaries. If you’re supposed to work eight hours a day, stick to that schedule, and don’t let work creep in on your time off.

Ensure That You Have a Proper Home Setup

Productive telecommuting requires a proper setup where you can feel comfortable working for long periods. For us, here’s what constitutes a productive set up for remote work:

  • A comfortable chair
  • Good lighting
  • A decent work computer with a stable internet connection
  • An environment you feel comfortable in, with as few distractions as possible.

Make an effort to adapt your setup to your standards, and your productivity is likely to skyrocket.

Take Advantage of the Time You Save From Your Commute

Now that you’re working from the comfort of your bedroom/living room/kitchen or dinner table there are no more commutes. This means that you might suddenly find yourself with an extra hour or two in your day. We recommend that you take that time and invest it in yourself.

Staying productive working from home

How to stay productive working from home can become a challenge when you are not prepared for the transition to working remotely. However, a lot of people find it difficult to remain productive over the long term without the correct support structure from their employer.

What are you doing to stay productive during enforced remote working periods? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!