6 Cyber security Concerns for Small Business


1. Cybersecurity Concerns and Challenges

The digital and physical world share some dark similarities. One of the main ones being the abundance of people who have been out to steal business-critical data. Hackers continually hunt for exploitable targets. There are many great reasons for this today.

2. Cybercriminals on the increase

Cyber security awareness is vital a new tool that is growing in importance for all business owners and some of the challenges to overcome are:

3. Ransomware attacks on the increase

During a ransomware attack, criminals infect your computer or your network with a virus that encrypts data. Once you’re infected, the criminals demand payment in exchange for the return of your data.  

When you factor in the loss of productivity and the cost of recovering files, it’s easy to see how cybercrime costs small to midsize businesses $75 billion per year. Nevertheless, ransomware attacks are on the rise – increasing by 36% last year alone.

4. Phishing is Growing More Sophisticated

Cybercriminals like using email. In fact, a recent study discovered that 1 out of every 131 emails contains malware, the highest rate in 5 years. 

Over 400 businesses are targeted daily, and these emails are growing increasingly challenging to identify since they’re designed to mimic legitimate communication so they can gain access to your sensitive information like your usernames and passwords.

5. The Internet of Things (IoT) Opens Excessive Entry Points

While some see the IoT as the future of technology, it’s important to understand that its added convenience has also opened new doors for cybercriminals. Today, you must make sure that all the devices that are connecting to your IoT are set up correctly, so there isn’t any room for a network breach.

6. The cloud isn’t safe from security flaws

Although the cloud has given us a lot of flexibility and scalability that’s useful for small and mid-size businesses, there are still huge concerns about security challenges related to this technology.

Cyber security concerns

While these threats are from the “outside,” you can’t overlook the fact that insiders are the most common culprits causing havoc on companies’ technology today. Humans are the biggest, most common security threat to businesses regardless of their size or niche.

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