4 Considerations Before Buying A Help Desk

There are many Help Desk systems available on the market. And yes, they all claim to be the best and most effective. So, what must you consider when you are ready to invest a large slice of your IT budget into a Help Desk solution? This article attempts to answer this important question.

1. A spam-proof help desk

It needs to be “spam-proof”. Most systems allow users to email their issues to the help desk. Your email is turned into a ticket and added to the database. If that email gets out into the “world”, which it always does, you will start getting Spam sent as if they were tickets.

2. Easy to use

It needs to be easily used as a knowledgebase. Users and technician’s alsike must be able to quickly search, find, and obtain answers to questions asked a month, a year, or a decade ago. 

3. Flexibility is essential

You need flexibility, without too many options. Spiceworks is nice. It allows for customisation, although it sometimes is a bit technical to get implemented. Footprints is an awesome product, with a depth of features.

4. Hosting service or on-premise

Consider whether you want to host it yourself or use a service. Hosting yourself gives you more flexibility, but also means more time maintaining. It’s nice to not have to “worry” about backups and DRP, but at the same time, a hosted solution does not give you the flexibility to tweak the solution to suit your unique requirements. On the other hand, an on-premises solution does allow you to tweak it as you require. Obviously, the flexibility of the help desk will govern the extent to which you can tweak the solution.

In closing

It is always a good idea to involve all decision-makers and heads of departments in discussions before selecting a help desk for your company. This will ensure buy-in and user acceptance of the new help desk system.

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