When To Start Considering A Help Desk


When to start considering a help desk purchase is not as straightforward as it first appears to be. Do you buy or embark on an in-house development? There is much to consider before purchasing help desk software. Questions include:

  1. How will it scale?
  2. How expensive is it per user?
  3. What standard features are included?
  4. Is there local support?
  5. How frequently are upgrades released?
  6. Is it a cloud offering or on-premises?

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What will it do for me?

Help Desk software can solve many of the common problems that come with using basic email for customer support. These include:

1. Improve poor ticket management

Help desk software can help your support team be more organized by:

  • Assigning and distributing tickets to agents who may leave comments and share relevant information with other customer support agents.
  • Letting you manage all support tickets from email, phone, and social media in one organized place.

2. Improve low customer satisfaction

Help desk software is an awesome tool to help your team streamline customer support by allowing your support staff to work more productively with features like ticket management, community forums, live chat, phone support, analytics, etc.

In a nutshell, this speedier and more efficient customer support will improve your customer satisfaction.

3. Quickly address repetitive questions

Help desk software allows you to create knowledge bases. With resources like video tutorials or an FAQ section, you will be able to provide answers for repeated questions in your knowledge base so your customers will have support anytime they need it.

When to start considering a help desk

Let’s take a look at 3 instants when you must consider investing in Help Desk software.

1. When you launch your company

For some companies, this is a no-brainer. However, customer support may not be the highest priority right after launching their product. If you’re in this situation you may decide to delay the implementation of a help desk – but with many free starter help desk options, you should start using a help desk to organise support immediately.

Using a help desk allows you to be more organised when you first launch your product — features for creating FAQs and other self-service support options also help you avoid a bigger customer support workload in the future.

2. When your developers are stretched out too thin

Your developers can answer customer support emails, but this will quickly crash and burn when more customers come in. Developers can’t afford to balance customer support work and developing their products at the same time. Not only will your customer support suffer, but so will your overall product.

3. Customers start asking the same questions over and over

In the customer support industry, one of the most frustrating things that come with the job is answering a question, only to get the same question two minutes later. Not only is this distracting, but it’s also very inefficient.


Most used help desk features

FAQs are one of the best customer support resources to have available and investing in a knowledge base to make your customers’ lives easier is one of the best things you can do for your business. FAQs also allow your customers to have customer support anytime they need it.

Consider Security Issues

Data security against cyber attacks is receiving a lot of attention. You need to ensure that adequate protection measures are in place to secure your data. I have written an article dealing with this issue that you may find helpful, “5 Reasons why the help desk cares about information security”.

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Time to decide!

When to start considering a help desk is not an easy decision. Whether it’s now or later, a help desk is always a good way to help increase productivity in your company and keep the customer support clutter at bay.