iShield NG5 Firewall

Monitor internet usage

Protect your network

block unproductive websites

iShield NG5 for Business

We often get asked the question “what is a hardware firewall”? However, we should be asking “Why do we need one?” Well, with so many people working remotely the possibility of a virus infection or a data breach is far greater.

Maintaining data security with a remote workforce is more complex than the security model of a centralised company intranet. A dedicated Hardware Firewall creates the extra security layer between the internet and your business data.

The explosion of devices consuming your company’s bandwidth and the reduced productivity through personal time on social media, viruses and legal ramifications are all risks that need to be mitigated.

iShield NG5 for Schools

Technology is having a major impact on the way we educate our children. As more educational institutions turn to the Internet as a platform for learning, the risks increase for both the learner and the school. iShield NG5’s network security solution for schools is affordable, implementation and maintenance is easy and is completely salable to accommodate growth.

iShield NG5 is the ideal solution for simple and comprehensive Internet management.

Some of the key features are

Network Protection

Redundancy, VPN, Reporting. All in one Unified Threat Management Tool.

Reduce Internet Costs

Daily, weekly or monthly usage limits ensure your network is never compromised by excessive bandwidth consumption.


Local currency pricing makes iShield solution 30% more cost-effective than international solutions.

Increase employee productivity

Block or restrict users from unproductive time online.

HTTPS Interception

iShield NG5 is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported.

Google security

Hosted on Google’s secure Cloud Platform, ensuring best-in-class protection with anytime, anywhere availability of company data.



iShield NG5 Brochure

Monitor Internet Usage
Protect your network
Block unproductive websites
Report from anywhere, anytime


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