A Security-First Conferencing Solution for Business

Connect and collaborate with confidence over zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted video calls. Seamlessly host meetings and share information, the entire meeting stays private.

Everything you need for secure collaboration

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Secure Communication

The vast majority of communication tools are not transparent about their level of privacy. Many even actively spy on their users.

Digital collaboration should be enabling, not limiting. Tauria respects your human right to privacy. Giving you the peace of mind of being fully protected

Secure Video Calls

TAURIA provides a zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption environment for your conference calls which means that they are completely private and secure. You hold the keys and only authorized users can join calls.

Secure Team Messaging

Create group discussions, send private messages, and share files in a fully secure environment. TAURIA also allows external communication meaning you can connect with clients from within the platform.


Encrypted Cloud Storage


Manage and store files across your organization safely inside TAURIA’s fully encrypted cloud. Share files externally with clients via secure link sharing.


Confidential Schedules


Securely manage and sync your organization’s calendar. Schedule internal and external meetings, access team member calendars, and overlay them into a single view.


Own Your Data

You control your information. TAURIA does not sell, mine, or share sensitive user data.

True end-to-end encryption with 256-bit AES both at rest and in transit. Your date is fully protected 24/7.

Everything—calls, messages, files—gets its own encryption key ensuring the maximum possible protection for your data.

Zero-knowledge protocols mean your encryption keys are never exposed to anyone, including Tauria.

TAURIA uses encryption technology that is resistant against quantum computers, ensuring your data’s safety for years to come.

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