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Founder of abacon IT – Ryan Danvers

As a seasoned business professional, Ryan understands that Business of Today focuses on results. With our knowledge of IT, we are perfectly positioned to help you solve your IT business challenges.

Our solutions focus on all major aspects of business productivity from IT to HR and Finance and Facilities.

Specific solutions help IT manage your remote workforce while our AI solutions manage your repetitive business tasks enabling your staff to be more productive.

abacon IT is a dynamic and innovative IT consultancy with customers in both the HOME and SME markets. We understand the unique IT demands and budget constraints of our customers and have adapted our products and services to match their needs. 

Being small allows us to be agile and quickly adapt to ever-changing business demands. This approach enables us to place a greater focus on individual customers. We are known for our quick, efficient and friendly service.

Included in the value-added services are security applications, backup solutions and Microsoft 365 packages – as well as contracted on-site maintenance and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring and management.

Abacon IT Consultants are backed by strategic business partnerships with a number of leading international and local vendors who have the infrastructure necessary to provide solutions that directly support the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its customers’ core business processes.

We sort out the IT problems while you concentrate on growing your business.

Our mission is to create a stable IT environment, supporting integrated business solutions while taking all technical pains away from our customers.

Our vision is to be the best at managing SME business IT

Contact Ryan

Cell: +27726012858

Email: sales@abacon.co.za